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Motor Oils and Fuel Additives


img1Glexoil supply  advanced engine oil, gearbox oil,  lubricant and fuel additive for a wide spectrum of automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial applications, working hard to keep our customers in the lead.

To make this happen, innovation has always been the engine of our operation. We invest heavily in product development and research to produce some of the most advanced oil formulations in the world. But to our customers we’re not simply a supplier, we’re a company of ideas. We think ahead. We help them to adapt as their needs change. We offer creative solutions to their practical lubrication problems. Our car oil offers the highest levels of protection to modern and classic engines.

The automotive and car oil portfolio offers

car oil (engine oil and gearbox oil, from mineral oil to fully synthetic)

motorcycle oil (2 stroke oil and 4 stroke oil and again based on all types of oil from mineral oil to fully synthetic oil

oil for motorsport (a comprehensive range of engine and gearbox oils and fuel treatment  to give that vital extra bit of performance)

fuel additive (for improved power and fuel economy)

classic oil (engine oil and gear oil for the older car or motorbike requiring classic oil formulations)


The commercial vehicle oil portfolio offers

engine oil and gearbox oil

hydraulic oil and fluid

fuel additive (to improve fuel economy and reduce fleet running costs)


The large industrial oil portfolio offers

lubricants and grease

metalworking oils

cutting and honing oils

hydraulic oils and fluids

It takes energy, commitment and a flexible approach throughout. Compared to others in the oil industry, we’re uniquely set up to respond to new developments. We’re quicker to adopt new technologies and advances, and to recognise how these can be developed for our customers’ benefit. In short, we like to keep things fluid.